Sho Koi Impact Refill Program

A stronger immune system will give your fish extra resistance to sickness and disease.

This is particularly important to Koi and Pond Fish who live in artificial environments where they are subjected to many stress-causing conditions which have been shown to be detrimental to their health and longevity. 

Sho Koi Impact Koi Food
In addition, Sho Koi "Impact" will give your fish a TRUE measure of protection against a weakened immune system due to improper nutrition or the absence of food during the winter, when many ponds are iced over or have water temperatures below 50 degrees F. 

Studies have shown that the OPTIMŪN in Sho Koi "Impact" resulted in a 15.2% higher growth rate in fish while their need for food was reduced by 27.9%. Also, OPTIMŪN was able to help fish resist the ravages of parasite infestation (Lernea, anchor worm), and improved the RPS (performance) of Aeromonas Hydrophila vaccine by 14.3% (Injection) and 30.6% (Immersion).

How Pond Pets USA's Refill Program Works

After purchasing a 2 lb. Jug of Sho Koi "Impact" from Pond Pets USA, you will qualify to use our Refill Program to buy refills at any time - which is presently just $4.99 per pound!  Note: 10 Pound Minimum Order Required from Refill Program!  

If you wish, you can purchase the 2 lb. jug and order from the Refill Program at the same time; however, the amount of food in the 2 lb. jug cannot count towards the Refill Program 10 lb. requirement.  

With our Refill Program, you can order strictly 2.6 mm. pellet size, 4.0 mm pellet size, or mix and match (as long as the total quantity equals 10 lbs. or more).  It's as easy as that!

Note:  Refills come in clear plastic bags, so you are not paying extra for the fancy packaging!

Item # Product Pellet Price Order
RF-2.6 Sho Koi "Impact" Refill Program - 1 lb. increments 2.6 mm. $4.99
RF-4.0 Sho Koi "Impact" Refill Program - 1 lb. increments 4.0 mm. $4.99 Out of Stock
Please Note:  These prices do not include shipping.  If you would like to have an idea on what the shipping cost is, please contact us prior to placing your order.