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The sight and sound of water cascading over rocks into a pond has a very calming effect and adds an appealing element to any garden.

Water gardens can include fountains, waterfalls, and small ponds combined with elaborate combinations of rocks, plants, and lighting. Natural ponds or large spaces are no longer needed for a water garden. They can consist of a concrete dish, half a barrel, plastic tub or anything else that can hold water.

More and more people are adding water features to their landscape. Water has been a part of landscaping throughout the ages. Within the last few years, water gardening popularity has increased by leaps and bounds.

You will also want to consider adding life to your water garden pond. If you have a pond you will most likely want Koi, goldfish, or other wild inhabitants, such as turtles. Watching fish in your pond is extremely soothing, which probably explains why so many doctors have aquariums in their offices.

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