Koi Health & Disease 

- by Erik Johnson, DVM

Koi Health and Disease is an absolute must-have book for every Koi and goldfish lover. It is a complete step-by-step guide to Koi and goldfish health, and it has critical information on Koi and goldfish disease prevention and treatment programs. Learn the easiest ways to treat parasite infestations. Also learn the fundamentals on treating bacterial infections. Learn from beginner to advanced life saving technology.

Koi Health and Disease Features The Following:

  • NEW for 2006 - Reloaded Edition!
  • 204 full pages long
  • Color cover 
  • 110+ photograph images (New for 2006)
  • Dozens of Illustrations
  • Over 100 different treatments itemized in a handy "How To - Step by Step" Format
  • Symptoms pages help you find help on your fish problems by symptom! 

Please Note:  This book is no longer in print.  What we have left in-stock is all that is available.

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