CrystalClear® Vanish - Dechlorinating Granules


CrystalClear Vanish is designed to lower levels of chlorine, which can be extremely toxic to fish.

Chlorine is a substance added to most city's water supplies to make water safe for human consumption.

Chlorine is toxic to all pond fish.

Left untreated, this substance can thicken gill filaments and cause gill lesions to develop, leaving the fish unable to breathe.


Available in Following Size:

  • 2 lb. - Treats 192,000 Gallons
Crystal Clear Vanish will work to break the chlorine bond and reduce the chlorine down to a non-toxic level.

Crystal Clear Vanish is phosphate and nitrate free, and is safe for fish and plants.
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CC013-2 Vanish Dechlorinator (Dry) - 2 lb.  $32.99 $24.99

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