CrystalClear D-Solv9 - Complete Pond Cleaner

D-Solv9 - The Complete Pond Cleaner

D-Solv9 will help remove attached organic debris from waterfalls, streams and rocks. Use the maintenance dosage weekly and eliminate complete pond shut down and annual clean-outs! 

  • Contains a 9" Solution for Rapid Action

  • Clears Pond Water Regardless of Color

  • Removes Suspended Organic Debris


Sizes Available:

  • 16 oz. - Treats 9,600 Gallons
  • 32 oz. - Treats 19,200 Gallons
  • 64 oz. - Treats 38,400 Gallons

What Does D-Solv9 Do?

D-Solv's 9% formula is designed to clear pond water quickly and efficiently regardless of water volume.  D'Solv9 can be used in ponds, fountains, bubblers and streams.

When using D-Solv9, always make sure there is vigorous aeration using a waterfall, bubbler, fountain, air stone or splitter.  D-Solv9 requires heavy aeration, especially in hot weather.

For best results, remove any dead or decaying material from pond to ensure oxygen levels remain at safe levels.

Application Rates

  • 1 tsp/.169 oz. - Treats 100 Gallons
  • 8 Tbsp/4 oz. - Treats 2,400 Gallons
  • 16 Tbsp/8 oz. - Treats 4,800 Gallons
  • 32 Tbsp/16 oz. - Treats 9,600 Gallons

Note:  This product should only be applied once a week.

Item # Product Price Order
CC075-16 D-Solv9 - 16 oz.  $14.99
CC075-32 D-Solv9 - 32 oz.  $24.99
CC075-64 D-Solv9 - 64 oz.  $44.99


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