CrystalClear Nature's Choice Barley Clarifying Pellets


CrystalClear Nature's Choice Barley Clarifying Pellets utilize barley degradation technology to help manage pond problems throughout Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. 

When placed in an area of the pond where there is steady water flow the barley pellets will slowly degrade. As the pellets degrade they emit a substance that assists in keeping your pond clean all season long.





  • Helps remove the pond owner's worst problem

  • Slow, sustained release

  • Easy application includes flow-through net

  • 3 month application

  • Safe for fish & plants

  • Treats 2,000 gallons

Application Directions:

Simply remove the bag from the box & float it in an area where there is water movement, around a waterfall, spitter, stream or in an in-pond or out-of-pond filter. This will facilitate a gradual degradation of the barley & allow for more barley extract to be released into the pond system. One 2 lb. bag will treat 2,000 gallons of pond water. After three months, replace the bag with a new one to begin the process again.

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CC067-2 Barley Clarifying Pellets - 2 lb. $21.99 $16.99


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