Savio Ultraviolet UV Clarifiers

Savio's UVinex System

Savio's exclusive 2nd Generation UVinex System design is more durable than competitors, and is virtually maintenance free.  Modular design allows for easy installation - no expertise in plumbing required.  This integrated approach is easy to maintain, and costs less than purchasing a separate standalone component.  The Savio UVinex works unobtrusively inside the Savio Skimmerfilter 24 hours a day, and is sized according to the gallons in your pond.



Savio UVinex System

No quartz sleeve to clean or break.  Simply wipe the coated bulb with a damp rag to restore its effectiveness, and you're ready to remove algae - the chemical-free way.

UVinex Benefits

  • No breakable quartz sleeve
  • Duragle Coated Bulb Technology
  • Increases the Effectiveness of Filtration System
  • Simple Plug'n Play Operation
  • Easy to Clean

UVinex Options

UVs are sized according to the gallons in your pond. To operate most effectively, run the total volume of pond water past the UVinex every two hours:

Optional 18 Watt UVinex Clarifier
(only for use with Savio Compact Skimmerfilters™ - maximum 1 UVC unit per Compact Skimmerfilter™)

  • Maximum Pond Size:  2,500 gallons

  • Maximum Flow Rate:  2,000 GPH

Optional 26 Watt UVinex Clarifier
(only for use with Savio Skimmerfilters™ - maximum 2 UVC units per Skimmerfilter™)

  • Maximum Pond Size: 4,000 gallons
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2,500 GPH

Optional 50 Watt UVinex Clarifier
(only for use with Savio Skimmerfilters™ - maximum 2 UVC units per Skimmerfilter™)

  • Maximum Pond Size: 6,000 gallons
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 4,750 GPH

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(within the Continental U.S.)

Item # Product  Price Sale Order
SUV018 Savio UVinex Clarifier - 18-watt $252.99 $226.99
SUV026 Savio UVinex Clarifier - 26-watt $278.99 $250.99
SUV050 Savio UVinex Clarifier - 50-watt $399.99 $359.99


The UV lamp is not operating how do I fix it?

Perhaps the UV is not plugged in, so you will need to connect the UV plug. If the GFCI switch (ground fault circuit interrupt) has tripped, you should reset. If this occurs often, consult an electrician. If the domestic fuse has blown you will need to replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. If this occurs often, you will need to consult an electrician. Another possibility is that the UV bulb has blown, in which case you will have to replace bulb. If the UV transformer has failed, that will have to be replaced.

Savio UVinex Clarifier Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for New Style UVinex Clarifiers
Item # Product  Price Sale Order
RU1803 Savio 18-watt UVinex Bulb $145.99 $130.99
RU2603 Savio 26-watt UVinex Bulb $160.99 $144.99
RU5003 Savio 50-watt UVinex Bulb $177.99 $159.99
RU1801 Savio 18-watt UVinex Transformer $155.99 $139.99
RU2601 Savio 26-watt UVinex Transformer $171.99 $153.99
RU5001 Savio 50-watt UVinex Transformer $265.99 $238.99

Savio Retrofit Adapters for UVinex Clarifiers

Note:  Pre-2007 Savio Skimmerfilters and Compact Skimmers require an inexpensive Retrofit Adapter for installation of the newer UVinex Clarifiers.

How to Determine which Retrofit Adapter you will Need:

  • For the Compact Skimmer:  The Compact Skimmer Retrofit Adapter

  • For the Standard Skimmerfilter:  Stand behind the Skimmerfilter (looking into the pond)

Item # Product  Price Order
RC111 Savio Compact Skimmer Retrofit Adapter $12.99
RS105 Savio Skimmerfilter Retrofit Adapter (Left Side) $7.99
RS106 Savio Skimmerfilter Retrofit Adapter (Right Side) $7.99


Please Note:  Unless it is specified that the item(s) being ordered come with "free shipping", the shipping cost will be calculated at the time the order is packaged and will be added to the Grand Total price of your order. If you would like an estimate on shipping, please contact us prior to submitting your order and we will be happy to check into that for you.