4" Bottom Drain 

The 4" Bottom Drain comes with an anti-vortex drain cover for bottom sweeping action.

These bottom drains can be used on liner ponds or on concrete ponds.

Bottom drains are an important part of any pond. When installing your bottom drain, make sure that it is installed at the lowest point of your pond. This will ensure that the waste will travel into the drain and into your filter system.

For larger ponds use this 4" Bottom Drain.

4 inch Bottom Drain
A 4" intake allows for larger pumps to grab water from a larger area reducing pump pressure. Should be used with 4" PVC. Comes with an anti-vortex lid, forcing the water to enter from along the ponds bottom. Center stem that can be cut for a perfect fit, making your bottom drain fish safe. SAE standard pipe connection, making pipe hook up a snap. The suction port creates a swirl action inside the drain to help remove debris. Mounting ring, for easy liner installation.
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