Clove Oil Medications - Anesthetic for Koi

Clove Oil, when put into a tub of pond water, is used as an anesthetic for koi. As we all know, koi can become extremely stressed out when handled, so this is an absolute must-have for all koi-keepers. It is very useful when administering injectible antibiotics, when doing scrapings, or when you just need to give your koi a thorough look-over without it flailing about.


Supplies Needed:

  • Bottle of Clove Oil
  • Procedure supplies (if any)
  • 2 separate tubs, large enough to hold koi, containing clean pond water --- enough water to cover the koi's back



Apply 5-10 drops of Clove Oil per gallon of pond water in one tub and mix well.


  • Add the koi into the tub containing the Clove Oil.
  • Important: Always keep a close eye on your koi, as some koi go under anesthetic quicker than others.
  • In usually 10-15 minutes, the koi will begin slowing down and becoming more and more relaxed.
  • Wait until the koi gets to the point where it is rolling onto its side, and has become placid enough for handling.
  • Note: If you pick up the koi and it is still flailing about, it is likely that it still needs a little more time in the tub containing the Clove Oil.
  • When the koi is calm enough to do whatever procedure you are going to do, it is important that you work quickly.
  • When finished, place the koi into the tub of clean pond water to recover and hold the koi by hand in an upright position.
  • Wait until the koi can hold itself in an upright position.
  • After recovered, return the koi to its normal pond environment.


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Koi Viewing Bowls

These Koi Viewing Bowls are great for viewing your Koi! 

They come in very handy when you need to remove your Koi from your pond for any reason.

The Koi Viewing Bowls come three different sizes.

These Koi Viewing Bowls are great for:
  • Taking photos (the blue background brings out the colors in Koi)
  • Viewing your Koi for possible health problems
  • Anesthetizing your Koi prior to injections or medication treatments
  • Doing medication / salt dips
  • Why take the chance of damaging your Koi in a net when you have the option of using a tub.


Note:  Due to the shipping dimensions of these koi viewing bowls, it can be costly to ship them.  The KVB-90 can ship UPS Ground as an Oversize Package; however, the KVB-350 and KVB-600 would need to ship thru a freight carrier.  

Please Note:  These items ship directly from our distributor.


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KVB-90 Koi Viewing Bowl - 26.6"(D) x 12.4" (H)



KVB-350 Koi Viewing Bowl - 42.5" (D) x 20.0" (H)



KVB-600 Koi Viewing Bowl - 47.2" (D) x 23.0" (H)



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