Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi Food Refill Program


High Quality Protein Sources, including White Fish Meal and Dehulled Extracted Soybean Meal – This is needed for building body tissue, scales, muscle and nervous system.

High Quality Energy Sources, including Dried Distillers Solubles – This gives energy, which is fuel for the body for growth, repair of body tissue, etc.

Nutritionally Balanced Vitamins & Minerals, including Stabilized Vitamin C – This is needed for metabolism, skeleton formation, nerves, body fluid regulation and enzymes.

Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi Food

How Pond Pets USA's Refill Program Works

After purchasing a 13 lb. Tub of Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi Food from Pond Pets USA, you will qualify to use our Refill Program to buy refills at any time - which is presently just $3.99 per pound!  Note: 10 Pound Minimum Order Required!

Note:  Refills come in clear plastic bags, so you are not paying extra for the fancy packaging!

Item # Product Price Order
RF-KLTC Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi Food Refill Program - 1 lb. increments $3.99

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