Kaldnes K-1 & K-3 Filter Media

Kaldnes Moving Bed™ process, which has been scientifically tried and tested in fish farming and waste water treatment for over 10 years, is now available to fish keepers and is exclusively distributed worldwide by Evolution Aqua.

Developed by Professor Halvard Odergard at Trondheim University of Science and Technology the Kaldnes Moving Bed™ bio film process has been designed specifically to create the most effective environment for the nitrification process to take place.

The media is engineered in a wheel shape and is slightly positively buoyant, allowing a small amount of water flow (created by adding air to the process) to circulate the media throughout the vessel.


Kaldnes Media

Kaldness Media Stages Oxygen and food (ammonia and nitrite) gives the bacteria the means to grow, whilst the Kaldnes media provides maximum surface area for the bacteria to colonize and produce bio film.  It is this process, which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water.  

Size Difference Between K-1 & K-3

Both media types can also be used in static filtrations systems, and are often the first media choice when used for converting or building pressurized filter systems.

As the Kaldnes media chaotically circulates within the bio tank, it causes old dead bacteria/bio film on the outside, to be removed making space for new younger heavier feeding bacteria/bio films to colonize.

Within the wheel, is a protected surface, which enables colonies of bacteria to naturally follow their life cycle, maturing and dying, in turn fuelling the latter stages of the nitrification conversion process.

It also assists in the breakdown of any small particles passing through from the mechanical stage. Therefore, the Kaldnes media maintains both a young bio film and a maturing bio film providing a more consistent filter performance, whilst improving water quality, encouraging healthier Koi and aiding in reducing green water and blanket weed.

Due to chaotic movement of the Kaldnes K1 media, the process is self-cleaning and requires no maintenance. This allows the filter to reach optimum effectiveness without the disturbance of periodic maintenance, avoiding unnecessary loss of bacteria within the filter preventing high levels of ammonia and nitrite within the water.

Kaldnes Media



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Sizes Available:

  • 25 Liter (Approximately 8.5 lbs.) - Available on K-1 Media Only
  • 50 Liter (Approximately 17 lbs.)

Note:  The 25 Liter size fits into approximately a 12" x 12" x 12" box, so this should give an idea on how much media there is in this size; and of course double it for the 50 Liter size.  


Approximate Dimensions:

  • K-1 Media = .430" diameter x .285" thick

  • K-3 Media = .985" diameter x .402" thick

Item # Product Price Order
K1-25 Kaldnes K-1 Media (25 Liter) $73.99
K1-50 Kaldnes K-1 Media (50 Liter) $116.99
K3-50 Kaldnes K-3 Media (50 Liter) $116.99 Out of Stock