Trichloracide® is a general cure for external parasitic infections affecting koi, goldfish, oranda, discus, & cichlids. Effective against external infestations of common anchor worm, gill flukes, and fish lice. These infections are particularly common among cyprinids, including goldfish, orandas and Koi.

Active ingredients: 0,0-dymethyl-1-hydroxy 2,2,2- trichioroethyiphosphonate.

Trichloracide® is an organophosphate compound effective against the following external infestations in aquatic systems:
  • Anchor Worm (Lernea)
  • Gill Flukes (Dactylogyrus and Gyrodactylus)
  • Fish Lice (Argulus)

Please Note: This product is not recommended for use on invertebrates.

We apologize, but we are no longer able to order this medication thru our distributor. If you are looking for a medication to treat Lice or Anchor Worm, check out ProForm-LA.

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