Refresh Clay

Refresh Clay

Refresh Clay is clay mineral produced in the Yasawagi district in Akita prefecture, Japan.

Those who live in the district used to take this clay as a secret medicine for diarrhea, injury, toothache, etc. They call the clay "marvelous soil" or "magic white soil." Refresh® is a wonderful gift from the earth, which cannot be reproduced artificially.

What is Refresh Clay

Refresh® is a mineral composed of montmorillonite in its core and 16 necessary minerals such as assilica acid, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, sodium, ferrous, etc., around the core. These effective minerals keep the water clean and help to supply nutrition, dissolving slowly into the water through an ion exchange system. These natural workings are necessary elements to keeping koi healthy and improving the vividness of their coloring.

Refresh Clay is pure natural montmorillonite, and it belongs to a useful group of minerals. If it is mixed with other natural or artificial minerals, its original mineral balance would be broken. Koi being bred in soil bottom ponds containing this product have glossy coloring. Their glossy coloring fades when they are moved into concrete made ponds. Some studies of soil bottom ponds show that they are usually made with clay. When the quality of the clay is better, the koi become healthier and have better coloring.


  • Improves the quality of water
  • Supplies nutrition for essential growth
  • Improves health and coloring


  • Scatter powder over pond or dissolve the rock in water and add to pond.
  • On first use, water will be dark but it will clear gradually with time.


  • 200grams (one 180cc cup) per 10 tons of water on a weekly basis. This works out to be approximately 1 Tablespoon per 1,000 gallons.
  • Double the dosage during the first two weeks of use.

We apologize, but we are no longer carrying Refresh Clay. If you are looking for a comparable product, check out Thrive Koi Clay.

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