Pond Tint

Pond Tint

Pond Tint

CrystalClear Pond Tint turns your pond an alluring shade of blue to help prevent photosynthesis from occurring within the pond. This will help provide safety for fish from predators and will help keep water cool in the hot summer days.

CrystalClear Pond Tint is a mild dye and will not be an "overpowering" dye that you will not be able to see your fish. It is designed to act more like car window tint and not a complete cover.

CrystalClear Pond Tint is the perfect product for the pond during those hot summer months.

Available in Two Sizes:

  • 16 oz. - Treats 16,000 Gallons
  • 32 oz. - Treats 32,000 Gallons

CrystalClear Pond Tint is a non-toxic pond dye designed to help keep water sparkling clean and cool. It provides a protective shield for pond water to keep unwanted clarity problems from arising in water gardens, ponds, and lakes.

Item #
Pond Tint - 16 oz.
$ 11.99
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Pond Tint - 32 oz.
$ 20.99
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