CrystalClear OneFix - 12 Month Natural Clarifier

CrystalClear OneFix - 12 Month Natural Clarifier

CrystalClear OneFix 12 Month Natural Clarifier is designed to help keep water clean and clear year-round. The bacteria and enzyme strains found in OneFix are among the strongest offered on the market today. So no matter what season you are having problems, OneFix is the answer!

  • Keeps your Water Clear Year-Round
  • Clears Water Naturally
  • Safe For All Aquatic Life

CrystalClear OneFix is scientifically formulated in a controlled environment to bring your pond the most powerful bacteria treatment available to clean ponds naturally. OneFix is a concentrated bacteria and enzyme blend that can be used on any water feature, no matter how large or small.

CrystalClear OneFix will remove ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and organic debris (dead leaves, uneaten fish food, fish waste, etc.) that cause water clarity problems in aquatic environments. Use OneFix year-round, even in the winter, to keep your pond crystal clear all year long.

Application Rates:

  • 1 oz. Treats up to 375 Gallons
  • 2 oz. Treats up to 750 Gallons
  • 4 oz. Treats up to 1,500 Gallons
  • 8 oz. Treats up to 3,000 Gallons

Routine Application Rate: Apply OneFix once a week. For initial treatment of a new pond, double the application to seed pond quickly and to avoid "new pond syndrome".

Persistent Problem Appliation Rate: If a problem arises between routine applications, apply OneFix at the prescribed rate per gallon above up to every 3 days until pond becomes clear.

For Best Results: Apply OneFix directly into filter if possible or apply directly to the pond in an area of the greatest circulation. Optimal Water Conditions: pH: 6.5-8.5, Disolved Oxygen: 5ppm.

CrystalClear OneFix is available in the following sizes:

  • 32 oz. - Treats 12,000 gallons
  • 64 oz. - Treats 24,000 gallons

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OneFix - 32 oz.
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OneFix - 64 oz.
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