Koi Viewing Bowls

Koi Viewing Bowls

Koi Viewing Bowls

These Koi Viewing Bowls are great for viewing your Koi!

They come in very handy when you need to remove your Koi from your pond for any reason.

The Koi Viewing Bowls come three different sizes.

These Koi Viewing Bowls are great for:

  • Taking photos (the blue background brings out the colors in Koi)
  • Viewing your Koi for possible health problems
  • Anesthetizing your Koi prior to injections or medication treatments
  • Doing medication / salt dips
  • Why take the chance of damaging your Koi in a net when you have the option of using a tub.

Note: Due to the shipping dimensions of these koi viewing bowls, it can be costly to ship them. The KVB-90 can ship UPS Ground as an Oversize Package; however, the KVB-350 and KVB-600 would need to ship thru a freight carrier. If you would like to get a quote on shipping, please email us to request a quote prior to placing your order.

Item #ProductPrice
KVB-90Koi Viewing Bowl - 26.6"(D) x 12.4" (H)


KVB-350Koi Viewing Bowl - 42.5" (D) x 20.0" (H)


KVB-600Koi Viewing Bowl - 47.2" (D) x 23.0" (H)


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