Koi-Life Tru-Color Refill Program

Koi-Life Tru-Color Refill Program

Koi-Life Tru-Color Refill Program

How Pond Pets USA's Refill Program Works

After purchasing a 13 lb. Tub of Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi Food from Pond Pets USA, you will qualify to use our Refill Program to buy refills at any time - which presently is just $3.99 per pound! Note: 10 Pound Minimum Order Required!

Note: Refills come in clear plastic bags, so you are not paying extra for the fancy packaging!

Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi food is an excellent year-round koi food. It contains all of the necessary ingredients needed to help keep your koi healthy and bring out their beautiful coloring.

Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi Food is a nutritionally balanced koi food with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals and is ideal for daily feeding. It contains a unique blend of high quality natural ingredients and is fortified with special amino acids, vitamins, and digestive enzymes to provide the complete nutrition needed day after day. It is easily digestible and won't cloud the water.

Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi Food contains 35% protein to promote healthy growth in your koi.

Benefits Include:

  • High Quality Protein Sources - Needed for building body tissue, scales, muscle and nervous system.
  • High Quality Energy Sources - Gives energy, which is fuel for the body for growth, repair of body tissue, etc.
  • Nutritionally Balanced Vitamins & Minerals (including Vitamin C) - Needed for metabolism, skeleton formation, nerves, body fluid regulation and enzymes.
  • Non-Clouding Floating Food – Improves water quality, which helps to keep your fish healthier.Spirulina (a color enhancer) – This helps the Koi produce the coloring of its body.

The size of the pellet is considered “MEDIUM” size (approximately 3/16”)


  • CRUDE PROTEIN - Not less than 35%
  • CRUDE FAT - Not less than 4%
  • CRUDE FIBER - Not more than 6%
  • ASH - Not more than 10%

Koi-Life Tru-Color Ingredients: White Fish Meal, Whole Wheat Flour, Ground Wheat, Alfalfa Meal, Dehulled Extracted Soybean Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Fish Oil, Spray Dried Blood Meal, Spirulina (Color Enhancer), Krill Meal, & various vitamins and minerals.

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Koi-Life Tru-Color Koi Food Refill Program - 1 lb. increments
$ 5.99
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