Knife Valves

Uni-Body / Knife Valves - Slip x Slip

Uni-Body / Knife Valves - Slip x Slip

Uni-Body Valves - Made by Magic Plastics

The innovative patented design of the Magic Uni-Body valve was engineered for use in a wide variety of industries and applications. The built in Snap-Lock guarantees zero flow restriction during operation while the Cam-Lock function provides a 100% positive seal when shutoff is required.

Uni-Body Valves allow you to tightly seal water lines of the connected piping to allow for maintenance on joined mechanisms such as pumps or filters without shutting down your pond.

Super for waste drains and low-pressure aquaculture. Uni-Body Valves are economical, quick-acting valves for clean and dirty water low pressure applications.

They have become very popular in the aquaculture industry for several reasons.

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1 1/2 Knife Valve
$ 20.99
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2 Knife Valve
$ 30.99
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