Clove Oil

Clove Oil

Clove Oil, when put into a tub of pond water, is used as an anesthetic for koi. As we all know, koi can become extremely stressed out when handled, so this is an absolute must-have for all koi-keepers. It is very useful when administering injectible antibiotics, when doing scrapings, or when you just need to give your koi a thorough look-over without it flailing about.

Supplies Needed:

  • Bottle of Clove Oil
  • Procedure supplies (if any)
  • 2 separate tubs, large enough to hold koi, containing clean pond water --- enough water to cover the koi's back


Apply 5-10 drops of Clove Oil per gallon of pond water in one tub and mix well.


  • Add the koi into the tub containing the Clove Oil.
  • Important: Always keep a close eye on your koi, as some koi go under anesthetic quicker than others.
  • In usually 10-15 minutes, the koi will begin slowing down and becoming more and more relaxed.
  • Wait until the koi gets to the point where it is rolling onto its side, and has become placid enough for handling.
  • Note: If you pick up the koi and it is still flailing about, it is likely that it still needs a little more time in the tub containing the Clove Oil.
  • When the koi is calm enough to do whatever procedure you are going to do, it is important that you work quickly.
  • When finished, place the koi into the tub of clean pond water to recover and hold the koi by hand in an upright position.
  • Wait until the koi can hold itself in an upright position.
  • After recovered, return the koi to its normal pond environment.

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