Bio-Bandage Gel

Bio-Bandage Gel

The World's First Stay-In-Place, Medicated, Neomycin-Based Topical Treatment For Fish!

Bio-Bandage® is the first in a line of revolutionary treatments to help your pond, freshwater or marine fishes recover from injuries or disease conditions without negatively impacting their health or environment. Utilizing a proprietary vitamin-based polymer we can offer longer contact time and more rapid repair than any other neomycin based treatment on the market today. Ask for the best, ask for Bio-Bandage®!

Ingredients: neomycin sulfate, methylene blue, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), binder, adhesion agents in isotonic, aqueous solution.

Recommendations: Use Bio-Bandage® to quickly and effectively treat open wounds and cysts.

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Bio-Bandage Gel - 1 oz.
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